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5 Ways to Keep Your Patients Happy

No matter the industry, customers want to feel special.  In the healthcare industry, your patients are your customers.  It could…


Embrace Change

Change is inevitable.  If your stuck it’s probably because YOU haven’t embraced the changes and implemented them in your business or life.

Timeshares, Building Value and High Ticket Sales

On our recent family vacation in Maui I talk about the importance of building value and how to sell High Ticket Items.

Adversity = Opportunity

You can either hide and wait and let someone else control the outcome or you can get up and take care of business.

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My name is Bob Mangat and I’ve been where you are. I’ve built and ran a few 7 figure businesses and have been stressed out, overworked, and hanging on by a thread. Despite that, I still love what I do and like you, it was never about the money – it was the passion that drove me towards helping others. However, even if your financials look great, there’s something to be said about the amount of hours you work each week…and the emotional toll it’s taking on your family and loved ones.