The first thing I’m going to do for you is to personally help you create a strategic plan to bring in immediate money.

If you’ve been running a business for quite some time then chances are there are thousands of dollars of missed opportunity that you’re sitting on. Most of us want to continuously play the “New Leads” game when all you have to do is look at your biggest asset: your current customer base!

In my 60 minute profit potential consultation I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.. Telling you exactly what to send, how to position your offer and how to bring in back end money as well.

“Bob Mangat totally changed my life, changed my marketing, and rocketed our numbers...two-month waiting list for new patients”

Dr. Haggerton was “running himself ragged” operating his Lifetime Family Wellness Center in the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area. Work was up, pay was down, and family time was almost non-existent. After conducting a strategic assessment of Dr. Haggertons end-to-end operations, Bob Mangat and his team delivered specific sales & marketing playbooks that fundamentally changed the way they did business. Using the playbooks, Dr. Haggerton implemented word-for-word phone and in-person scripts, sales training for his staff, marketing automation tools, and more to significantly grow his patient bookings, reduce his working hours, and enjoy more time with his family than ever before.

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Bob Mangat’s Power Day Brings Clarity and VISION To Leading Rockville, MD Weight Loss Clinic!
It took the other’s six month to do what Bob Mangat did in a few weeks. Amazing! ~ Nancy Pisacayne, Taking Shape Weight Loss Centers
Excited to finally have a concrete "Clear" plan of action . Dr. Dan Geck
Hire This Guy!!

Your sales process has to be systematically setup and followed EVERY single time.. I was told we couldn’t sell 2k weight loss packages to this market so I flew down and sold it for them. In half a day and a couple of #newpatient consultations we did more business than any other day they’ve had since they’ve opened.. All I did was follow the system I setup for them.. Build your systems, test, track and tweak and you’ll see the results.. Before spending money on traffic FIX your conversion FIRST and scale accordinagly.

“We’re experiencing 200+ more transactions per day than this same time last year – amazing!”

Bob Mangat conducted a strategic business growth assessment for our business that led to a massive transformation of our sales & marketing channels. Within just 180 days of implementing his recommendations, we’ve experienced tremendous growth on the way to becoming the leading home improvement retailer in our area. Ryan McGregor, Marketing & Business Development Manager, personally took the time to write a heartfelt “thank you” note to Bob for the incredible results his team delivered in such a short timeframe.

New webinar and coaching funnel adds 14 Students and over $7,000 overnight..

Bob Mangat is Amazing – An Internet Marketing Wizard! I have worked with Bob for several months now & he has helped me look at my coaching and consultation practice with new eyes. He has helped me transform the way that I market online in order to reach my various target niches. Thank-you Bob. ~ C. Sutton

“An experienced expert in his field, and one of the best at what he did”

Bob is a consummate professional. From the moment I met him, I KNEW he was an experienced expert in his field, and one of the best at what he did. I knew I wanted him on my team helping my coaching practice.

“Advanced Jedi Techniques for Lead Generation”

Bob is an innovative and strategic marketer with advanced jedi techniques for lead generation. It has been a pleasure to work with him in the brief time that I have known him.

“His way of thinking in regards to marketing and advertising online is the exact opposite of how I was told”

I’ve had the privilege to be introduced to Bob Mangat and his company through a mutual friend. To my delight, I was not disappointed. His way of thinking in regards to marketing and advertising online is the exact opposite of how I was told and has opened my eyes up to a more creative way to Brand myself. With all of his success, superior knowledge and candid demeanor, it was an easy decision to partner up with Bob to implement a marketing plan which will propel my business to new heights.

Ricky Retel, Health Insurance/Investment Fund Advisor

A Marketing WIZARD!

Bob is a fantastic marketing wizard and business consultant. He has helped me create a market niche and drive in many leads through various marketing techniques. I highly recommend Bob Mangat as a consultant for any business with successful intentions. ~ Bratch Realty